Want to mix up your shopping routine and have some FUN?

Or maybe a unique date night to share with your significant other? Look no further than Goodwill! Here are 5 unique shopping ideas featuring your favorite thrift store.

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#1 Outfit Challenge

Give yourselves a budget (it can be whatever you’d like, $25, $50 etc.) to create a “look” for the other person. You can have a lot of fun with this and go hunting for something the other person would actually wear, or you could go for the most “unique” look. At the end of the night, determine a winner for best outfit!

#2 Game/Puzzle Night

Did you know that all of our thrift store locations have a games and puzzles section? We have often seen brand new in the box (with shrink wrap and all). Pick out a board game, or puzzle to do together at home. Order takeout or a pizza and have some fun!

#3 Most Unique Item Challenge

Give each other the challenge to find the most unique item. If you want to put a time limit on it set a timer for 15 min or 30 min, and get to work! This will require you to really scour the store, and keep your eye open for something unique. Together decide who “won” with most unique item!

#4 Find/Purchase One Gift for the other

Set a budget and go look for an item/gift that would be perfect for your friend, family member, or partner. Check-out without them seeing it, go home, wrap it, and exchange the gifts with each other explaining why you got what you did.

#5 Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt

Load the list below on your phone, and head out to your local Goodwill!

Set a timer for 30 min, and take off looking for each item on the list.

The person to gather all the items first is the winner!