Donor FAQs

Does Goodwill do home pick ups?

Due to safety concerns and liabilities, Goodwill does not offer home pick up services at this time.

What things can I donate? Is there anything you do not accept?

We are able to accept most items you’d like to donate to Goodwill. However, due to some regulations, handling and safety issues, we are unable to accept some items. Click the link below to view the donation guidelines.

Do Goodwill employees get “first dibs” on merchandise?

No – absolutely not. At all donation and thrift store locations, we promise to protect the value of the donations that community members generously donate to us. Employees are NOT ALLOWED to set aside merchandise nor can they purchase items except on their days off.

Why should I consider donating financially to Goodwill?

Giving to Goodwill is an investment in the future of our community. We are helping people in the greatest need become self-sufficient. We are an engine of job growth in the local economy. Your contribution will have a direct impact on our ability to transform lives for generations through the power of work.